Our Services

Business Plan Preparation

Planning is one of the most important things you can do to make your business successful – whether you are considering, starting, running, expanding or exiting a business.

If you are starting a new business, our business plan will help you get your idea off the ground. It will give you an opportunity to consider what goals are realistic and achievable and help you identify what you can do within your budget. Our plan will be a guide to making your idea a reality. It is a key document for investors, banks and venture capitalists.

If you own an existing business, having a business plan that is regularly reviewed and updated will help you take control of the direction your business is heading. Our business plan will allow you to make the most of new opportunities and identify potential risks and act before problems occur. If you decide to sell your business, our plan will be useful for attracting potential buyers.

Marketing Plan Preparation

Everyone knows the need of a business plan, yet many entrepreneurs don’t realize a marketing plan is just as vital. Unlike a business plan, a marketing plan focuses on winning and keeping customers; it’s strategic and includes numbers, facts and objectives. Our marketing plan spells out all the tools and tactics you’ll use to achieve your sales goals. It’s the plan of action—what you’ll sell, who’ll want to buy it and the tactics you’ll use to generate leads that result in sales. And unless you’re using your marketing plan to help you gain funding, it doesn’t have to be lengthy or beautifully written.

We help entrepreneurs come up with a marketing plan that is easy yet effective and result oriented.

What we will do for you:

  • Analyze your company situation
  • Describe your target audience
  • List your marketing goals
  • Develop the communication strategy
  • Come up with a budget

Pitch Deck Preparation

A pitch deck is a brief presentation, often created using PowerPoint or Keynote used to provide your audience with a quick overview of your business plan. You will usually use your pitch deck during face-to-face or online meetings with potential investors, customers, partners, and co-founders. Sometimes you will use your deck to present your business in front of a larger audience, perhaps at a pitch competition. Other times, a potential investor may ask you to email them your pitch deck so it needs to make sense without being accompanied by your verbal delivery.

It’s very important to have your pitch deck prepared and ready. There are many points you need to keep in mind while preparing a pitch deck.

  • Tell a story and engage people emotionally
  • Limit each slide to express one idea
  • Prepare to make a great first impression
  • Keep a consistent look in presentation
  • Know your metrics better than anyone

Well if you do your homework it’s very easy to prepare a pitch deck but if you don’t have time or find it overwhelming then let us do it for you.

Legal Agreements & Structuring

A contract creates legal obligations between two or more “parties” (individuals, businesses, institutions, etc) involved in the contract. Contracts are agreements to exchange something of value (usually goods or services) that are enforceable in court. It is important to include the appropriate information in a contract to protect all parties and ensure fairness.

We have helped tens of thousands of individuals and businesses draft their legal agreements and contracts, saving ample of time and money. Our ready-to-customize templates help you create your own legal documents at your convenience, at a minimal cost. If our templates don’t fit into what you are looking for, we will help you draft one tailor made for your business.

Accounting & Bookkeeping Setup

At Startup Masters we provide a full range of accounting and bookkeeping services geared towards assisting small to mid-sized companies. Our main objective is to help business owners like you reduce time spent on non-essential tasks, enabling you to focus on core business functions and increase profitability. Many of our clients save up to 35% compared to the costs of hiring in-house staff to perform these functions. Our advanced technical expertise differentiates from other companies offering similar bookkeeping and accounting services. We provide timely, cost effective, scalable and customized accounting solutions to all type of businesses.

Our Bookkeeping and Accounting services:

  • Payroll
  • CFO Services
  • Bookkeeping
  • Accounting Systems and Integration
  • Controller Services

Business Systems & Technology Setup

Integrating a business system and technology into your business is a decision that you shouldn’t take lightly. If it is not done properly it can turn into your worst nightmare, both financially and operationally. The key to ensuring a successful integration is to involve the end users from the beginning. By involving the end users, you will get buy-in and commitment as well as important information that will help in the design and development of the business system.

A business system can do wonders for your business. In most cases, businesses come to Get Started knowing exactly where a business system can make an impact. This might be in the sales process where a CRM system can help procure more leads and sales. On the other hand, it may be in the management of documents where an Intranet or Document Management System can help version control, document security and knowledge management. If you’re unsure how a business system can help you improve your business, our experienced Business Analysts can do this for you.

Types of business systems we deal with:

  • Stock management systems
  • Document management systems
  • Enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems
  • Plant and hire management systems
  • Customer relationship management (CRM) systems